Fitness Classes


Dance Fit  – This barre style class takes the foundations of ballet and rhythmic gymnastics to bring a unique twist to a total body workout.  Utilizing just our body weight we will be focusing on the basic body mechanics that dancers develop to help increase their core strength and flexibility through across the floor drills, stretching, and small repetitive movement.  This class is great for all ages as it is very low impact and all exercises have modifications.  If you have ever wanted to work towards having a dancers body this is a great class for you!

Yoga type attire, ballet shoes, socks, barefoot are all good options.  Yoga Mat Recommended but not required.  We may do exercises on bent knees so if you require padding, plan accordingly

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Mommy (or Daddy) & Me  – This is a great class that will blend dance and fitness to a fun low impact workout meant to bring you and your little closer.  This class is for parents w/ new born to 4 year olds to get out of the house and get moving.  Weather you’re baby is attached to you, doing the class with you, or watching in their stroller this class will be fun. It is going to be a casual environment meant to create a friendly community of mom’s & dad’s w/babes :-). We know having kids can be hectic, so weather you have to come late or leave early, there is no worry!  Come on out and Join Us!

This class will assist in building practical strength to help reduce some of the aches and pains you feel from carrying your baby all over:-)